“Procrastination is the thief of time”
Edward Young

I yawned as the alarm woke me up from sleep and reached out to get the offending phone, snoozing it. I would wake up later I tried to convince myself,  I remembered the house chores I had to do and my project I hadn’t finished doing yesterday and had carried over to today,  I sighed as I knew I needed to get up and get to work but I only found myself turning to the other side of the bed and starting the second round of sleep. I knew that by the end of today I wouldn’t have accomplished any of the things I had planned to do and once again would carry them over to tomorrow.

This is typical me on a typical day, but I’m trying to work on it and I found this tips helpful.


Never say later : Later never comes, do it now.

Set feasible time target and keep to it e.g. I have two hours to finish reading this book.

Make a daily to do list and try to do everything on it.

Don’t start what you can’t finish and don’t stop until you finish.

Try to turn off distractions e.g. mobile phone, television.

Fix rewards and punishments e.g if you do something at the right time you get to do something fun and if you don’t you have to forfeit it. This could be a form of encouragement.

Don’t move to a new thing until you have finished what you have on hand.

Always keep in mind the benefits and repercussions : what would you gain if you do what you need to do now and what will you lose by postponing it.


Procrastination whether in doing mundane things like sorting old files, or bigger things like looking for a new job should be ditched and replaced with attitude of DO IT NOW, forgetting all the reasons why now might not seem like the right time.

Feel free to add other tips in the comment section and good luck as you walk away from the procrastinator zone.

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