As i entered into the car, I muttered a ‘thank you’. He really did look good.

“I’m grey” He said smiling, revealing a little dimple on his left cheek, another plus, “I couldn’t let you get all wet” he added

“Huh?” I said, my eyes widening as the movie fifty shades of grey came into my mind and the getting wet statement didn’t exactly come out right. I was already thinking all manner of thoughts.

He chuckled and I could tell he was reading my thoughts

“I’m Grey, as in greatness” He explained “and I was referring to getting wet, as in the rain” he said, emphasizing the rain, as if to clear all doubts.

“Oh” I said ,nodding. “I’m Dina” I added

“Nice nails” He said, referring to my fuschia pink polished finger nails.

“Thanks” I replied , smiling so hard, he was a complementer , yet another plus.

His tight fitting polo showed off his well toned muscles and abs. I quickly took my eyes off his body so he wouldn’t notice. He was staring at me all through as we talked and i felt like his large brown eyes were piercing right through me. I avoided eye contact at all cost.

“So you are heading home I guess” he said

“Yeah ,You?” I replied

He nodded “Stressful day at work” He said “You work or you school?” He asked

I wasn’t surprised at the work question, my height and my matured body made many people think I was older than my age

“I’m a student , Duke university” I replied

“Oh wow, the duke babes” He said laughing

I smiled knowingly, this definitely had to do with the bad reputation of my school girls .

“Not all of us though” I said in my defense.

“Hmm, tell me more….So what are you like?” He asked

We talked on and on, about our personal interest, favourite things etc. I enjoyed every bit of the conversation and wished my house wasn’t so near.

“Please stop there” I said pointing, as we got close to my estate gate. I didn’t want him to get to my house as Mama might see us and the questioning that would follow would be out of this world.

“Can I have your number?” He asked, just before I got down, giving me his phone

I took it and typed my phone number. He had done me a favour and it was just right to reciprocate.

I waited for his call throughout that night and around 11 pm when I had already given up and was about sleeping his call came in. We spoke for over an hour and I went to bed,beaming with smiles. My already tangled weave , was the last thing on my mind.

After that day, we began talking daily . Chats, voice calls, video calls and even SMS. And i was falling in love with him over and over again.

Mama being an over protective parent, it was difficult for us to see again. But thanks to my lying tongue, I found a way out. The lesson I told mama I was going to one afternoon, was actually a date with Grey.

We had lunch at Delatre Cuisines, the food was great and the conversation was even greater. I tried to apply all the table manners and etiquette I knew. I couldn’t afford to fall my hand.

The conversation was getting intimate, from “Are you single?” to “Are you are a virgin?” to “Have you done this?” “Have you done that?”. His face spelt shock as he heard my “Yes”, “Yes”, “No” ,”No” reply. He in turn told me about his sexual life and relationships. While i was the inexperienced youngq good girl , he was the experienced 30 years old Grey, my typical definition of a fuck boy. This was a great minus.

He later changed the topic to a lighter one and before long, he had me laughing at his jokes and comments.

Later that day, as he dropped me in front of my house, he gently kissed me,his soft pink lips caressing mine. This wasn’t my first kiss but it was different , good different, and I could swear I felt real butterflies in my stomach.

I went to bed that night lost in thoughts ,I had to decide whether to go all in or to step back now. But it was too late,  cause GREY was all that filled my mind.

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