The day I met Grey couldn’t be described as any normal day, as every single detail is still so vivid in my memory, from the cloth I wore , to the colour of my nail polish, to the turquoise senator trad he wore, his Benz and that little dimple on his cheek. It was like a perfect moment , and for once I believed in the so-called love at first sight. Seeing him again this sunny Sunday afternoon, brought back all memories. Ok, forgive my manners, I didn’t even introduce myself. Let me start this story right.

I am Dina, 19(turning 20 by march), tall(quite close to 6 feet), light-skinned (its natural), pretty (since my mirror doesn’t lie ) and in my 3rd year of uni.

Back to the first day we met. I was sprawled on my bed, trying to read and listening to music at the same time. ‘Despacito’ was on repeat, it was my favourite song of the moment. My accounting textbook was opened before me but i couldnt get my mind to concentrate on it, because at that moment every other thing in the room seemed so exciting. Like why was the ceiling white?  why does my fan make a funny sound when it rolls?.

I could hear light footsteps making their way to my room, there was no mistaken that was mama. I knew her footsteps any day, any time. I quickly removed the ear piece from my ear , hid it under my pillow and kept my eyes focused on the book, feigning seriousness. So if I don’t pass she wouldn’t say I didn’t read.

“Somadina, how’s the reading going?” She asked, as she entered my room and sat on my bed. She was the only one that called me by my full name,Somadina – let me not be alone. Being an only child, I was an answer to this prayer.

I nodded showing it was going well.

“Biko can you go and buy groceries, I don’t want to disturb you , but we need it tomorrow ” she said, her eyes turned up in a pleading way.

It was a welcome disturbance, I had never been so happy to run an errand. Walking all the way to to supermarket was definitely more fun than reading.

I got to the supermarket in about 30 mintues time and went to the grocery section, filling my cart with the items on  mama’s list. As i got to the payment counter with my full cart, I was greeted by an everlasting queue . I sighed, knowing I was going to spend forever there. The clouds were gathering, followed by heavy winds blowing. I could tell it was going to rain . “Who told me not to come with umbrella?” I soliloquized. Too bad my new weave would get wet.

I spent another 30 mintues there and by the time I was leaving the supermarket it was raining heavily. I shivered as I stepped into the cold windy evening. My hair was already getting wet, so I quickly covered it with a nylon and tried to hasten my steps.

‘Pi-Pi’ the horn was from a white Benz that stopped right in front of me. ‘Mad ride’ i thought to myself. The driver a darkskinned handsome guy, with full grown beards wound down. He was totally my spec and the beards was a plus.

“Where are you heading to?” he asked
I looked around to be sure he was referring to me before I answered , wasn’t ready to receive an ela.

“Lapai Estate” I answered

“I’m also heading towards there” He said and opened the door for me to enter.

I was contemplating on whether to enter or not as tales of kidnappings flooded my mind. Abeg blame it on the rain ,”God please protect me” I muttered, making the sign of the cross as I quickly took off the nylon on my head and entered the car.

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