Food is life some people say, so there’s a General belief that what one eats has a way of affecting the person, whether adversely or positively. Below are some food myths we grew up believing as they were passed down from one generation to another.

Beans Makes one tall : I’m sure there’s nobody that hasn’t heard of this one. This is false because height is majorly a genetic factor.


Vitamin C (e.g oranges) stops cold : Contrary to the belief that vitamin C can keep you from getting a cold, research has shown that vitamin C doesn’t ward off cold.


Coconut water makes one dumb : I wonder who came up with this, nevertheless I couldn’t resist the sweet taste and still drank it as a kid. On the contrary, coconut water is quite nutritious.

Swallowing Seeds makes the tree grow on your head : This is one funny myth, I can remember being scared after swallowing an orange seed, wonder why there isn’t an orange tree on my head yet.


Okra makes one sluggish : Because okra is slimy, some believe eating it makes one sluggish. Contrary to this, okra is quite beneficial as its a rich source of fiber , minerals and vitamins.

Snails slows one’s destiny : Due to their being slow, eating snails is believed by some to slow one’s destiny. Quite funny I must say.

Eating Fish Eyes makes one have big eyes : Eating fish eyes might sound weird to some, but they are actually nutritious and doesn’t affect the size of one’s eyes.


Eggs shouldn’t be shared : Some people believe boiled eggs shouldn’t be shared and individuals should eat whole eggs. I personally don’t know the logic behind this,but its definitely a myth as sharing eggs doesn’t have a repercussion.

Feel free to add yours in the comment section below.

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