Growing up I used to have eczema a lot and it really affected my self esteem as people were always asking ” what’s this on your face?” And some even made fun of me, because of the general belief that eczema is caused by dirtyness. And yet I knew I wasn’t dirty, I bathed daily, washed my clothes regularly, so what then was the cause?  I applied different over the counter prescription,  it would go after a few weeks only for it to return with a grand entrance.

Eczema became a topic of interest to me and I wasn’t satisfied until i could know the causes, treatment and prevention. This led me to read many articles and books on this topic and here is a summary of what I discovered.

The exact cause is unknown but its thought to be linked to an overactive response of the body’s immune system to an irritant. In some it can be caused by coming into contact with rough or coarse material, in others it can be as a result of excessive dryness of the skin, or or reaction to certain household items e.g soap.

Since the disease makes skin dry, itchy and scaly, lotions and creams should be used to keep skin moist (preferably applied when skin is damp as it helps retain moisture)
Over the counter products or prescription can also be used as prescribed, to lessen inflammation.

Moisturizing frequently
Avoid sweating or over heating
Avoid irritants
Avoid harsh soaps , detergents and solvents
Avoid scratchy materials e.g wool
Avoid sudden changes in temperature / humidity

Having eczema isn’t a crime neither is it a flaw, its only a skin reaction and should therefore not define you or lower your self esteem, it can’t stop your shine.

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