These Nigerian foods combination have been tasted and trusted and they taste so good together. While some people would agree with me , some will say “ewww”. After all, one man’s food is another man’s poison.

Yam and butter : Yeah , butter isn’t only a good spread for bread , it tastes so good with yam as well.

Bread and Pap : This is another combination that goes so well, growing up this was a great breakfast for me. Whether using the pap as a spread or cutting the bread into little pieces inside the pap ,or just eating it, whichever works for you.

Bread and noodles : looking for what to pair your noodles with? Try bread, it might seem weird but its really nice.

Rice and egusi : This might not seem weird to many as it is quite common.This is a great combination, and deciding which tastes better, rice and stew or rice and egusi , is even a subject of debate.

Spag and Beans : First time I was served this was at my school’s cafe. I really didn’t want to try it but I had no choice, hunger was real. It eventually didn’t taste bad to my surprise and I grew to love it in fact.

Bread and coconut : Bread has been repeated several times, it seems to go with just about everything. Bread tastes so great with coconut and I’m yet to understand why.

Beans and salad : So I heard that beans can be used instead of rice, and as a foodie that I am I decided to investigate. And it was no rumour, it does taste good.

Yam and Palm oil : This should be quite common among the eastern people, its personally one of my favourites (try adding little salt and pepper to the oil for even better taste ).

Garri and sardine : Now this is something,  I guess someone figured that since garri and fish tatse good then garri and sardine should even taste better. I haven’t tried this yet,but people say its great.

Eba and stew : This shouldn’t sound so weird as its a little bit common. I guess, what soup can do , stew can do better.

P.S : If you haven’t tried any of them, you should try them some day. Feel free to add your own weird combinations in the comment section below.
Happy eating.


  1. Ozi, what kinda combinations are these. I’m sure you’re joking and published this just for banter and the fun of it.
    Bread and pap
    Beans and salad
    Bread and coconut

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol I’m being serious, at least you should try bread and pap, and bread and coconut, they taste very good


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