I rushed home tired and famished after a long day at school. All I craved now was shower, good food , my neatly laid bed and peace and quiet. But what I met at home was a far cry from peace and quiet. I could hear my parents screaming at the top of their voices and sounds of fists landing on human body.

I sighed as I laid on my bed without even bothering to take off my school uniform.

” Nne, I didn’t know you were back ” Mama said, some minutes later as she entered into my room. She tried to fake a smile but from her red bulgy eyes I could tell that she had been crying.

” You would be spending the weekend at Uncle Nana’s house” she said “I and your dad are having some issues, a little misunderstanding,  it should be over soon and you would come back, I nugo”

What I over heard didn’t sound like a ‘ little misunderstanding’ but I didn’t want to argue with her, I just hoped they would be fine soon. I packed my little box and gladly went to Uncle Nana’s house. He was my sweet-faced Uncle Nana as I usually called him. He was my mother’s brother, kind and nice and his house was my dumping ground whenever my parents had issues, which was quite often.

As I got to his house, I quickly undressed as I headed to the shower. I was finally going to get the bath and sleep I craved. Thanks to the peace and quiet here.

Just then the sound of Uncle Nana clearing his throat from behind me brought me back to the present. I whirled around ,startled.

“Why didn’t you knock?”I asked , as I regretted not locking the door. I quickly tied my towel, covering my nakedness and my whole body shook from embarrassment.

” You are a big girl now”He said, with a smirk on his face. As he admired my body, his eyes piercing through the towel.

This didn’t feel right, the look in his eyes, the way his voice sounded. I was starting to get scared.

“Uncle what are you doing?”I asked my voice quivering with fear as he moved closer to me.

But I didn’t have to wait for long to find out. He pushed me to the bed, I fought tooth and nail and screamed the house down but i was no match for him as he easily over powered me. He hastily removed my towel , and closed my mouth with his Palm,using the other hand to pin me to the bed.

I didn’t need to be told what this was. I had watched movies and read books and always day dreamt of my wedding night when I would lose my virginity- sweet smelling candles, king size bed and my husband making love to me. This was far from it. I tried to focus on this beautiful thought as uncle had his way with me,perhaps it would make it less painful. I closed my eyes and cried through it all.

“Don’t tell your mother”He said , when he was done and gave me a N500 note to buy my silence.

I spent the rest of the evening in the bath tub. Tears ran down my cheeks as water ran down my body, perhaps I could wash away the memory and pain. I thought about whether to tell Mama, with all that was going on at home. Would she even believe me?, after all it was sweet-faced Uncle Nana.

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