One quick look around the cyber cafe and I knew I had entered. The queue of angry faces was enough to tell me to jejely stay at the back where I deserved and not even try shunting. It was the first day of Nysc registration and everyone was hurrying to register. Who sent me to over sleep, now I was a late comer.

After hours of lining up, and my stomach growling reminding me I haven’t had anything to eat, the network started messing up. I began rejecting all my enemies that didn’t want me to serve this year. I couldn’t even stay one more month in that house, it was pure torture. House chores, those my annoying little sisters and mama’s wahala were enough to choke me.

Around 8pm I had finally given up on registering that day, when the network gave itself brain. The Line began moving fast and before long it was my turn. LAGOS was my first choice and I didn’t care about the others , as I asked the cybercafe man to pick anything he wanted. It was Lagos or nothing. I had to go to the big city and see life, i had had enough of onitsha. My primary,secondary and university had all been in Onitsha , I knew mama would be mad at me cause she wanted me to serve in Anambra again, abeg,her over protection was getting too much. I needed to open eyes small.

The three weeks before call up letter was out felt like forever , I called all the connected people I knew , I even dropped cash where needed, I just had to get this Lagos, I couldn’t wait for fate to decide for me where I would serve, before they go and carry me to bauchi ,abi was that even one of the states that guy chose for me?

As i was waiting for the day that refused to come, I was also preparing for camp. Shopping for my white shorts and shirts, sneakers and all on my list.

“Amaka , are you sure its only service you are going to? This one you are buying and buying its like you have another agenda” mama was always complaining
Yes indeed , i had another agenda. I had heard that there were fresh fishes in Lagos camp so I couldn’t dull I had to catch at least one, and not just any type of fish a whale. Besides I wasn’t a rich someone I needed a camp boyfriend to turn to my ATM card. And if I was lucky enough maybe he would be a serious person and it could end up in a real relationship. I had never really been lucky with guys as all my past relationships were short-lived, so I couldn’t get my hopes high. As long as he was useful for the three weeks I was fine.

Beep! Beep! Beep! my phone reminder rang, waking me up from my sleep. Sleep was the only way to relieve the great boredom i was facing at home.  I yawned and stretched my hand to reach the phone. CALL UP LETTER!!! the reminder read. “Ewo” I shouted jumping out of bed and cleaning my sleepy eyes. It was the 17th, the long awaited day had finally come. I quickly logged into my page, my heart was beating fast and  I let out a silent prayer to God,  “God please stream 1, God please stream 1”.

As i saw the ‘print call up letter’ notification on my dashboard, my heart beat reduced a notch. I clicked on the notification and scanned the call up letter checking for the state I had been posted to.

‘LAGOS’ I shouted, dancing round the house and mama shook her head at me, obviously angry that her little bird was about to fly out of the house. I didnt have strength to pretend to feel bad for her , I couldn’t hide my joy. Things were going so fine and I was sure this service year would be the time of my life.


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