“It’s that time again” came the husky voice

Followed by banging of my door

I cringed with fear as i knew exactly what that meant

“Open the door for daddy” he said

With tears in my eyes and shaky hands

I turned the knob letting him in

There he stood with that mischevious grin

“It would hurt only a little” he said

As he pushed me to the bed

Forcing his big self into my little hole

There was no point fighting

For he was stronger than me

He had proved it yesterday when he took away my innocence

I cried but there was no one to help

My mama had long gone to heaven

Leaving me with this beast of a father

“Don’t tell anyone or I will kill you” He said

As he left the room satisfied

That night as I made him coffee

I added an extra ingredient

“This tastes different” he said

I nodded giving him a mischievous grin

I watched him drink every bit of it

And as his face contorted in pain

I showed him the bottle of sniper

“it would hurt only a little” I said

As he gasped for breath, I planned my escape

“Don’t tell anyone I killed you” I added

As I left the house satisfied

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