1st October 1997,

A date forever stuck in my memory.

For although we were in a foreign land,

Maami celebrated Nigeria’s independence .

The house was decorated Green and White,

“That’s your identity” she said, “Never forget”.

She told me tales of my country ,

And the beautiful place it was.

The green for its fertile land,

And white for its peace and unity .

And she promised that someday, I would return and see for myself .

20 whole years have passed ,

And I’m back to dear motherland,

So glad the tales will finally become reality.

But to my surprise,

I am welcomed with plans of secession ,

And stories of kidnaps and poverty .

The news is filled with tragedies ,

And tales of unemployment and corruption .

I want to lose hope,

And start to give up.

But then I remember,  Maami never lies ,

And so I know very soon,

Nigeria will be the beautiful place,

Maami said it was.

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