The newspaper came in,

The first story was a tragedy,

“What a pity” everyone declared,

“And she was young” they said,

“And beautiful too” some added,

“Poor girl ”

An orphan daily maltreated,

A victim of molestation,

She lived a life of pain,

No one knew what she faced

For she kept it all to herself

“She’s a loner ” they concluded

But no one cared to know why

And never tried to help

One bright sunny day

She decided enough was enough

So with a rope to the fan

She said goodbye to the world

Has she become someone happier ?

Perhaps is she living the good life she desired ?

Was suicide really the answer?

Or does she regret it now ?

Answers to these I may never know

But I will play my little role

To never let anyone I know

Get to this point ever

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