This shelf built with sturdy wood,

Is my place of abode.

Lonely I stand, bored from lack of usage,

Covered in dust,

And can feel cobwebs starting to build around me.

I haven’t been read in years,

No one even glances at me a second time.

All other books in the library laugh at me,

As they return each day happy,after being read a thousand times over.

My plain brown cover isn’t appealing ,

And my boring title doesn’t give a good description .

I am interesting I know for a fact,

But no one can tell by merely looking at me .

So I hope someday ,

Someone would be brave enough,

To give a try.

Then would they discover the truth in the saying,

“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”

So don’t judge me based on who you think I am,

But on who I am and who I am becoming .

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