I dashed into the house panting and out of breathe. I had just finished jogging around the compound and I feared my lungs would collapse for lack of air. I grabbed a bottle of cold water from the fridge and gulped it hastily. It felt so good and at that moment it even felt better than an orgasm. I was already feeling so good about myself when my sister Norah walked into the kitchen with a bowl of ice-cream and the sweetest looking chocolate cake I have ever seen.

My sugary tooth awakened, my brains were screaming EAT! EAT! and the water no longer seemed refreshing. I stretched my hand to cut a piece of the cake but Norah stopped my hand mid-air.

“You can’t be trying to burn fat and yet taking in more fat” she said with a smirk

I could feel my mouth open in shock, did she just say that to me?

She is a size 8 that eats the whole world and I can’t help thinking where on earth does all the food go . I once used to be like that but puberty set in and with it came so much flesh in all the necessary areas and so many unnecessary ones too. But my foodie status refused to change and I gradually started becoming the obese girl I never wanted to be.

Pretty skinny girls all over the social media, a model for a sister and all my jeans that refused to fit were all the motivation I needed to cut down on my foodie level and try to exercise.

But despite all my efforts I never returned to default setting – SKINNY, so I realized that I had to say goodbye to the good old days of being a skinny foodie, and get used to the new me.

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