I sit lonely in the lecture theatre,

Just finished a lecture but can’t leave.

The rain doesn’t seem like it’s going to stop today,

And I can’t let my weave get wet.

It isn’t Brazilian but it’s quite expensive too.

Then he silently walks into the class,

I can’t help but notice him.

My crush.

Tall athletic body,

Dark and handsome,

Beards on fleek,

And oh those eyes, never knew contacts were so sexy.

Just like magic or a fairy-tale,

He seems to notice me.

Can’t believe he is really looking at me,

I can feel butterflies in my stomach.

Is he really walking towards me?

Now my heart is beating faster.

And he is right in front of me, smiling at me ,

OMG! My cheeks turn bright red.

‘Hey. I’m Emeka’ he says, with Igbo accent so deep,

I could hardly believe he just spoke English.

The butterflies stop,

The heartbeat slows,

The blush is gone,

Oh no! He just killed the crush.

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