“Beep, beep, beep ” came the sound of my phone notifying me i had an incoming call. I abandoned the noodles I was cooking and rushed to get my phone that was on the couch.

Incoming whatsapp voice call – Tunde

I hesitated before dragging the green button

“Hello baby, how are you doing?” Came the deep familiar voice

“Good afternoon b, I’m fine jare” I replied

“It’s morning here” he said, laughing hysterically

“Oh , true” I muttered , it was quite difficult for me to adjust to the difference in time.

“Let me even see your face ” he said , ending the voice call and switched to video call.

Tunde my boyfriend of 4 months was in USA for his masters. We had had this perfect relationship but then he started processing his admission, although I knew it was wicked of me but I sometimes prayed that it wouldn’t work. He was to spend 2 years there for his Msc program but I feared he would decide to remain there even after that.

I on the other hand, remained here in Nigeria. I was quite pretty and had a great body and that attracted a lot of admirers. At first letting them go was easy but with time it got more difficult. I loved Tunde no doubt but I needed him, his physical presence. The constant voice and video calls weren’t enough. I missed his kisses, cuddles , make-out, hanging out with him and his spontaneous visits. Some say absence makes the heart go fonder but what worked for me was out of sight , out of mind.

With that, I rejected the incoming video call and instead sent him a message  – Tunde,I’m busy at the moment,  would call you back soon. I knew i wasn’t going to call back soon, maybe not even today. I had to get over him and let him go.


  1. Hmm.. what if Tunde had issues over there and as soon as he was able to sort things out.. the first person he wants to talk to is you 🤔😏

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