The alarm rang for the umpteenth time that morning. I yawned and rolled on the bed , my hand searching for the offending phone that had decided to cut short my sweet sleep.  With half closed eyes, I located it and pressed the snooze button as I returned back to dear dream land.

“Ring! Ring! ” the alarm went off five minutes later, I woke up with a start and checked the time -5 am.
“Oh my God ! ” I shouted, quickly jumping out of bed as the hand of sleep finally left me for good. I was so late.

I rushed to the bathroom and quickly showered , dressed up and said no to breakfast, not even the tempting aroma of pancakes could change my mind.

I hurried out of the house at exactly 7 am, the bus-stop was filled with people as usual, and as each bus came there was a struggle to enter. I finally arrived at work at exactly 7:55 am, I heaved a sigh of relief as I once again narrowly escaped query.

Nine hours of work coupled with an annoying boss was enough to get me famished, plus another two hours on the road, all thanks to Lagos traffic.

As soon as I got home, I had dinner, without even bothering to undress and jumped on the bed totally worn out, not even waiting for the food to digest.

As my eyes gave way to sleep, I set my phone alarm for 5 am , although I knew fully well I was going to wake by 6 or even later.

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