Heartbreak can be the worst time of a girl’s life. It can seem even more painful than menstrual pain, especially for the emotional ones like me; we might need a lot of time to grieve over a failed relationship.

It can be a really crazy time, when you begin questioning your worth and how good enough you are. Even worse is the fear of what if I don’t meet someone better than this.

Altogether it’s a terrible time; one I wouldn’t want to go through again, learning to get over it as fast as possible is necessary.

Spending forever grieving won’t make him come back neither would you find Mr Right on that couch where you are crying. Treating heartbreak or the end of a relationship as a lesson would be a lot better.

Learn the lessons to be learnt, leave the regrets and mistakes behind and move on. Don’t go back to the ex but look ahead to greater things. Apologise if there’s need to, (it can help you feel better), get rid of his things if need be, get yourself busy again, work on making yourself an even better person. Above all don’t begin earnest search for a new bae, enjoy your singlehood, work on developing yourself and the bae would come just at the right time. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t socialise or agree to be hooked up by friends; you can but don’t let your world and entire life revolve around finding a new love.

To all the heartbroken girls out there, you all will be fine, get up, stop crying, it’s time to live and laugh again. He wasn’t the one; if he was he wouldn’t have left anyway.

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